Framing: Alexa Berg

Frames are very important when it comes to design concept. Frames are everywhere and create a condition for understanding an image and according to Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips in their book Graphic Design: The New Basics “bring attention to the work and lift it apart from its settings”. Frames affect how we perceive information and therefore, are a part of the fundamental architecture of graphic design.

I had the absolute pleasure to take a look at issue 5 of the graphic novel Daytripper by Fàbio Moon and Gabriel Bà (highly recommend) and check out their interesting and creative design choices when it comes to framing. The first thing I noticed they really highlighted on was being in the scene. They were able to do this by using a technique called a partial bleed, where the image begins to bleed off three sides of the page while the bottom margin provides a partial boarder, still allowing


Page 17 of the graphic novel Daytripper by Fàbio Moon and Gabriel Bà

the picture to remain full of life. I feel this really involves the reader in what the current scene is providing, as it then begins to act as a boarder to the inside frame work which contains the actual body of the scene. This is an example of implied framing. They were also able to use the technique called cropping in order to fit all the necessary scenes within one page. We are introduced to the full scene by the use of a partial bleed, but then are forced to evaluate the actual moment by the cropped images that break down the very special moment. These images are separated by boarders that help us acknowledge each frame as its own masterpiece. These boarders are very subtle in order to create the illusion that the images are all apart of the whole “moment”. One of the last things I noticed about the style was the shift in scale. The image starts out taking up a third of the page, and then begins to scale in size as the images go from full to stretched to large.


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