Point, Line, and Plane: Aaron Uptagrafft

The section that I have chosen to write about was in a large newspaper sized comic strip about an ordinary woman’s life in a tourist heavy area. This was the very first thing I saw on the front cover of the book and I have to admit it caught my attention way quicker than any of the other things that I read. The image shown is made and placed where is has been to do two things, and that is grab your attention and to set a tone for the rest of the comic. While the artists intention isn’t immediately known to the reader, as I had to go back and look at the image to fully understand it after reading a little through the comic, it conveys a sincere and deep meaning with just one word, god. As you go on to read through the comic, the artist’s depiction of this seemingly normal person gradually slides into worse and worse situations that she has to be put through and when you flip back to this page the meaning becomes clear, this woman is worn out and has had just about enough of her daily life. The most intriguing thing to me about this image is that she clearly tries to throw off your understanding of what is going to happen in the comic because it is brightly colored and honestly looks like a beautiful summer day. Also, to emulate the monotony of the suburban life, the artist uses a scene focused around a central plane that follows symmetrical patterns that can be seen in the lights, sidewalks, grassy areas, and even in the trees.I think that this comic is demonstrative of a great artists work, regardless of whether I liked her overall style or not.img-026.jpg

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