Point, Line, Plane: Hak Do


Page 1 of Marjane Satrapi’s “Persepolis”.

This whole graphic novel is based around positive and negative space. Because there is no detailing in this novel and no other color in this novel it’s essentially a black and white novel which means that it’s based on positive and negative space. What I noticed about this novel is that this novel is one smooth flowing story that leads the readers eye from point to point and line to line. Since there is no detailing or other colors it makes it easy for the reader to follow along with the story instead of getting lost in the visuals.

There are a multitude of points and lines within the comic pages itself. For example, the first frame the point is obvious the girl. The next frame there are multiple points as there are multiple subjects, however they are arranged in such a way where the reader looks at them as though they were in a line. Planes on the other hand are used to show a wall, floor, entrance, etc. They are not exactly used on the subjects itself. Frames such as the third one have subjects arranged in such a way where it creates a line towards where the subjects are looking. Frames such as the third and the sixth one do not exactly have a line, however multiple points indicating the multiple activities going on within the frame. One important combination of plane and line to note are the narrative rectangles and speech bubbles. They are also an important markers that guides the readers eye through the story fluently and in the order the author intended.

As stated before there are no detailing or colors in this novel. That makes it strong because that way the reader actually follows the story like the author intended instead of getting stuck looking at a visual and not really knowing where they are at in the story.

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