Formstorming: Eva Guillen


Page 36 from Lynda Barry’s graphic novel, “What it is.”

The benefits that come from engaging in the formstorming process is being able to make different arts with one strategy. Like mentioned in the book Graphic Design the New Basics by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips that “Formstorming is an act of visual thinking” (13). It is a method for an artist to express themselves through the visual they make in order to compel a story. Formstorming is like a template for artist to use so that they can make what they desire. The image from the graphic novel What it is, is a great example of what the formstorming concept consists of. I wanted my example to hold a template style so as to show how the author demonstrates her story through it. The template provides the author with a template, like I mentioned before, to organize her work; and make it easier for the author to incorporate the story being told. Most, if not all, Americans tend to read from left to right, so this page in particular is organized well enough that the reader would be able to read in this form. Especially at the bottom of the page, it allows the reader/ viewer with an easy to follow graphic novel. The author of the graphic novel continuously used formstorming to organize numerous pages in the novel. Formstorming in this graphic novel allows an easier way to follow the content of the story and it also had great images to allow me into the authors’ world.

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