Art and Medicine


Sketch Of My Hermit Crab Character

Art as medicine was a very interesting and enlightening talk to go to because of the interactive part at the end where we ended up making our own comics. It was the first comic I had ever made and it was made with the help of the other people and artists sitting in the room. It was cool because the only part that I was responsible for creating was the initial character itself doing an action verb. It was almost like a form of collective form storming as I  got to see my character portrayed in so many illustrators’ styles. After I got my comic back, it was hilarious and I’m sad that I lost it, I eventually decided to redraw the original character I had made taking into account  all the different illustrations I had recieved from everyone.

The talk she gave before we made comics was eye opening too. She had become a successful comic artist not through illustrations but through cut out paper. I think the way she works is a beautiful example of the way negative space can be thought of and used, but also the way simple shapes can be combined into forms that represent complex things. Even the more abstract part of her work in the waves carries flow like shapes that help to represent water. Also the use of transparency not only  when she uses the tissue paper but cutting it with a scalpel leads into a great pun considering her talk is Art & Medicine. But I think when designing it’s important to talk about the subject matter when making art and thinking why artists do things in certain ways. Mita Mahato started making comics when her mom died, she talked about how her parents never really wanted her to make art but when her mom died there were so many emotions she needed let out of her system.

When she talked about art being a release for her mental problems and emotions that really struck me I think that it is an important part of life to get those things off your mind. The blues that she uses in the whale arts seem to carry a sense of melancholy.

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