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Black Lives Matter Round Table Discussion Talk- I really liked listening as they discussed ways to get the community to have conversations about race (the American culture and now sport culture) and how narrative is structured in society. Take for instance the current national anthem controversy that started as a black lives matter protest and was flipped to not caring about the military. Through the lens of sports culture or larger spears of society. And each of the panelists discussed/brought up the question of pure humanities value on lives. Why are we saying black lives matter? Because it is historically an issue. From history books black lives once did not matter and are still treated harshly today. Having to constantly work to change the system. How do we incorporate it if we lack a consciousness and education on the matter we aren’t learning? We are taught repeatedly to forget the horrors enacted on African Americans. And are finding less and less books from the narrative of people of color and the LGBT community as well as, a decrease in majors. As a society we have let the university decide what we recognize and consider worth reading or acceptable. Now having realized what the library collection is people have struggled to get the university to change the system. They also discussed how police video footage of officers killing people has been stashed away and that the police department wanted to not show the public these videos that are now by court approval being issued to be made public. And now that people can see them they are repulsed by what society let happen. Some universities and the states in California and Arizona are trying to make changes that going beyond just admitting their is a problem in American society. However, another issue rises in the form of police union contracts that play a significant roll in protecting police that brutalize civilians. And to top it off we also have to deal with the media and films surrounding our culture that work against us and give society the notion the people of color are bad (Disney). But also we need to talk about that white people have a hard time discussing white supremacy and privilege. In order to break the discomfort we need to get uncomfortable and face these challenges in mandatory classes from a young age.

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