Color and Transparency


Make sure to explain where the image was captured, etc. in a caption.

This picture of me was taken on the media day of women’s basketball team in WSU and the photographer decided to project the flag of our countries on us. The result was obvious. I was like a separate layer from the flag and i was behind it. The questions is why am i still visible? Because the layer of the flag is transparent, it’s opacity is below 100 so it’s possible to observe what’s under. This picture makes me think of photoshop and how we can use opacity/transparency, which is a powerful tool to provoke some nice effects.
This picture has also a lot to do with color. As the chapter say, we can’t see color without light, and light is going to change the way we perceive that color. Th equipment I’m using is white, but depending on what part of the flag is pointing at me, it might look either white, green or red. And we can also see that the floor, which is light brown with the lights on, it looks either grey or even black for the simple reason that there is not light on it, so we are not able to distinguish it color.

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