What it is? Part 2


My computer screensaver.

This image is as you can see on my computer desktop background. I have had the same background image since my freshman year of college in the Fall of 2012. Besides the fact that I love the image not only for its creative view point I also found the visuals and the quote going through Marilyn Monroe’s face to hold significance to me. The words “Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was a tragedy”seems very dark or goth like however, when I saw it I thought of how we all have struggles to over come. We might all think someone else’s life is perfect but we can only make surface level opinions unless we truly know the person.

When it comes to Barry’s book I found her drawings to be as much something I looked forward to and enjoyed because the images remind me of my screensaver (dark colors, comic and collage like layout, thick black lines, interesting words, and quotes that made you rethink about life styles and choices). Maybe to someone else the image would hold little significance or be completely over looked. However, I wanted a screensaver that wasn’t of the norm. Similar to how Barry does not write her What it is book as just plain text.

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