Geometric Versus Organic


This Ted Cruz 2016 campaign logo was featured in section on, a website primarily consisting of political news, reports, and information. (Re-uploaded by Politico Magazine, 07/21/15)

This campaign sign was used for 2016 Republican candidate Ted Cruz.  When analyzing the logo a little more closely, one might identify it as more geometric than organic.  The shapes in the logo are very similar in angle, size, and form, and lack in significant details, making for a simple and clear image.  In other words, this design is the opposite of complex and differentiated, moving away from organic aspects.  The star shape that is created towards the bottom of the logo also adds to the geometrical aspect of this logo due to the hard-edged lines.  I believe this logo is more abstract than representation because of the simplicity and 2-demensional portrayal of the shapes.  Through the repetitious and uniformity of the lines that were created to make this logo, one can clearly see the abstract approach to this design.  Although this logo is more on the abstract side, the colors that are being used help convey a message to the viewer that this is a depiction of fire, or a single flame.  These qualities affect the message that is offered by this candidate in several, yet confusing, ways.  For example, when first looking at this image and ignoring the color scheme, one might identify this logo to represent a tear drop.  Although the colors red, white, and blue represent the american flag, this logo and color scheme combination can result in a lot of backfire.  For example, when looking up more information on this logo, I came across numerous websites that disliked this particular logo because it can be seen as an idea of the burning of an american flag.  In more positive light, this fiery logo can be seen to maybe represent the passion that Ted Cruz has for politics and his beliefs to make this country better.  Fire can be represented in many different aspects, however, I believe this logo is not very effective in portraying a clear message to it’s audience.

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