Point, Line, Place and Balance

Poster created by Graphic Designer Andrew Ackroyd, a contributor to deviantart.com

Poster created by Graphic Designer Andrew Ackroyd, a contributor to deviantart.com.

As far as line, this piece is mostly made up of lines of text. However, not all of these lines are going the same way, creating an asymmetrical symmetry. The two lines of text stretching diagonally to the upper right-hand corner from just beneath the cluster of arrows, continuing below the title create a sort of frame for the title. Furthermore, the blank space between the title and the text above and beneath it exist as lines in the form of negative gaps.

The repetition of lines of text with similar lengths that are all slanting the same way creates a rhythm within the design. The shift in direction also contributes to this rhythm. In addition, the clusters of lines slanting the same way in turn create columns. The rhythm and columns allow the information to be presented in a logical way, while still creating a visually interesting piece. Furthermore, a balance is created through the different directions that each section slants. In terms of typographical planes, the title itself is a great example. Each column of text could also be considered a typographical plane. The black background is the most obvious plane here, while each individual arrow is a little less obvious example of a plane in the form of a shape with edges.

The change in direction of different columns of text helps the viewers’ eyes to move naturally across the information. The first thing I see when I look at this text is the big title in the middle, which is the focal point. The arrows above the title also catch my immediate attention, while drawing my eyes upward across the text. My eyes then move to the top middle where the location and time of the event can be seen. Next, my eyes move to the explanation of the exhibit, which begins above the title and continues below it. Lastly, my eyes move to the column of text that is slanted to the right explaining the work’s inspiration.

Lastly, the black background exists as a negative space in the piece. The white and green content that make up the poster exist as positive space because they contrast with the black. There is a great sense of depth and movement within the piece because the scale of the elements included are all very different, causing the eye to focus on each of the elements separately and together as a whole.

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