Pattern Design: Douglas Kim

The organic design I chose is this photo of Vincent Van Ghogh recreated in Legos. This pattern is organic because a lot of what is presented here is done in a more fluid way. The picture of Van Ghogh may be geometric in terms of how all the pieces all the same but the colors really make it flow more like an organic patter. The different uses of colors really allow it to be a different than a bunch of dots. Speaking of dots the pattern is done in a dot architecture. The light blue gives a good contrast to the skin tone color and browns that represent Van Ghoghs face.

A portrait of Vincent Van Gogh made in legos. The artist is unknown but the picture can be found here.

The second pattern design that I have chosen is a geometric representation of a tiger. The shapes are more angular and are broken up into mostly triangles. Even though the picture the patterns create is symmetrical, the overall uses of different sizes of angular shapes make the picture look not as refined compared to if it was made with more organic shapes. The colors also help distinguish the image as the oranges and white allow the viewer to know what kind of animal we are looking at. If the colors weren’t present then we would not know if this was a lion or another cat like animal.

instantShift - Fresh and Excellent Photoshop Tutorials

A geometric representation of a tiger. The author is unknown but it is used a tutorial for Photoshop on this blog.

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