Pattern Design: Ryan Stuart

Pattern 1

This is a black and white design that pushes the frame of the picture as well as does a bit of figure ground reversal by weaving the the images in and out of each other.

For my geometric design I chose a black and white pattern made of “L” blocks that manage to create an optical illusion. The “L” block are connected in such a way that they appear to be popping out at the viewer and lacing in and out of each other. The pattern is repeated diagonally from top left to bottom right and spreads up and down from there. The pattern can also be viewed from top to bottom, bottom to top, and top right to bottom left. The reason this pattern would be considered geometric because it is a series of hand crafted geometric blocks with clear cut lines that allow each other to fit perfectly in one another.

pattern 2

This colorful display of butterflies skulls and birds creates a beautiful organic pattern that emphasizes how color comes to play in patterns like this.

For my organic design I chose a pattern that changes on each row, and then alternates between the two. The first row is a pattern of butterflies skulls and knives, while the second pattern is of boat wheels birds and anchors. I believe that this is an organic design because most of the objects in the pattern are of organic things such as the butterfly the skull and the bird. I also think that this is an organic design because the objects do not fit into each other to make a perfect pattern and fill all of the negative space. This pattern can only be viewed from one angle. It moves from the left to the right and then slightly up the page at an angle but not drastically. The colors also affect the pattern because each different object is a different color, but in the next row, the colors flip. So the butterflies and skulls go from color 1 to color 2 to color 3, while the wheels and birds go from color 3 to color 1 and color 2.

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