Design Blog #5: Pattern Design


For my first organic visual I decided to go with a natural coral design pattern. This pattern is organic do to the ripple effect that is associated with a live coral and made by nature not by man. It is a free form pattern that can be associated with waves and ripples. Another factor that makes this pattern organic is the fact that there is no firm form to the shapes, there is no sharp structure like a square for example. One cool thing that I saw when I saw this shape was the similarity in the ripples but at the same time they had their differences, the pattern itself is not perfect per say. You can also tell its organic by the way that it looks texturized. 


For the second pattern I chose was the example of a geometric pattern, this is represented on how punctual and precise the shapes shown are. For example the squares shapes within other squares make it look unnatural, it is perfect and sharp. Also the lines make it look manmade, measures, to be exact. It looks ruled and geometric, symmetry, and on point. There is no irregularities, we can clearly see that it is shapes meant to be squares within squares but with a good amount of sharp lines within. Also we see that this specific pattern is an illusion. For me personally it gives me the feeling that i am going to puke vs, the organic one that gives me a sense of peace and relaxation.

About annavillatoro

I am a Junior attending Washington State University studying to be a Graphic Designer.
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