Too Cool to Spend: Jeff Williams

A 50000 Lao Kip banknote. Found on

A 50000 Lao Kip banknote. Found on

For this blog I chose an 50000 Lao Kip banknote. From what I’ve seen I haven’t come across a single type of currency that I didn’t like. Both because of the design and it’s money. I think one of the most important parts in designing paper money is the detail that goes into it. The more detailed it is the harder it’s probably going to be to recreate/counterfeit it. It also gives it more character. There’s a hexagon pattern over the watermark on the back of the Kip that is very subtle. It’s my favorite part even though it’s probably the least noticeable characteristic of the note. Money should be designed to have relevant and recognizable features that relate to the area. It wouldn’t make sense to put JFK on a Euro.
As I was looking for banknotes online and trying to pick one I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t decide if I would keep or save all the ones I saw. I decided to pick the 50000 Lao Kip because I found one in a parking lot about five to six years ago, and I saved it! That answered that question. Although, I think if I came across most money I’d be tempted to spend it if I was at a place that accepted it. If I ever go to Laos I’ll take my 50000 Kip.

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