Too Cool to Spend: Jacob DeLeon

Ten dollar bill from Hong Kong. Foreign Currency Analysis Today.

If I ever received this bill as cash back I would save it forever! The colors that are prominent within the note are two of my favorite color combinations. It reminds me of 80s style of computer graphics. There are two new video games that take that style of neon colors blended together and that’s Hot line Miami and Far Cry Blood dragon.

I am really fond of the games and the art style that they take. I feel that the note also gives a really unique fell of the city as well. Hong Kong in the 80’s and right now for that matter still have hundreds and hundreds of  neon shop signs littering all of the streets. It has the retro feel. Also I would like to tie neon lights to the line work with in the note as well there are lots of curved colored lines just as if it was a sing in the city. The geometric shapes also help take a step back and see the complexity within all the shapes as well as the negative space. There is a lot going on within the small note partially the spiral in the top center of the bill both front and back.  I could not find anything if it is a representation of anything in particular. Within the spiral there are different colored arms and the hatching are of different directions which gives a realistic feel to the note. I wish I could handle the note so I could feel if it was indented or raised with in the note itself.




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