Too Cool to Spend: Jonathan Nunez

20 bristol pound

When it comes to using physical money or card I will always use the physical cash first to give my card a break of always being used, but if I were to ever come across a bill like this I don’t think I would be able to spend it just because of how it looks. I would rather want to keep it in some bill collection album that this one bill would make me want start and collect at least one of each artisanal cash bill. The reason why I wouldn’t want to spend these bills is because of the artistic and color images they have. Sure the image I chose has about four to five colors and seems like a simple design, but in my opinion what makes me want to keep this bill instead of spending it is the color combination and the simple black images placed over a white background used to fill the center of the bill. Also with this bill I believe it has to do with the environment because of the recycle, repeat, re-use, the green leafs, and the wild life silhouettes. So this bill can be promoting taking care of planet Earth with its silhouettes and the green colors used throughout the bill. Overall I think this artisanal bill looks great with its color scheme, the silhouettes and the curve detail found behind the center images and whatever message this art piece is trying to show is completely visible and gets its point across.

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