Alternative Self-Portrait- Saul Bass

Globe Logo for At&t in 1983

Globe Logo for At&t in 1983

AT&T Logo

The alternative self portrait that I chose was the Globe Logo for AT&T in 1983 by Saul Bass. The reason why I chose this as his alternative portrait and not one of his many film covers was because I feel like this logo in articular is one of his more iconic ones and that embodies who he was as a designer. Saul Bass worked as a film director for about 40 years but he also made some of the more iconic logos for big corporations including AT&T as well as Untied Airlines. I also liked this logo as an alternative self portrait because it is simple in composition and design and that’s what I was trying to accomplish with my alternative design at first. He uses only two colors and he uses the idea of a globe, something that he then reuses when designing the logo for United Airline. I think that as a designer it says that he likes working with shapes instead of interact fancy detail. Looking at some of his work on the opening and closing credits of Catch Me if You Can, we can also see how he utilizes shapes and primary colors for the most part.

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