Alternative self-portrait: Jacob DeLeon


Banky. He is well known throughout England and many other parts of the world. Banky can be considered a street performer/artist. In this artwork that I have chosen we can see a city worker cleaning off an art work off the wall. This relates to Banky a lot due to the fact that a lot of his art is destroyed the exact same way. We can see that the art that the man is cleaning off is of an old cave painting. This should bring an emotional response due to the fact that we as humans preserve old wall painting from the past. Its a key part to history that shows a glimpse into humankind. The people of our past would paint on the walls what they saw in there life. Banky does the same thing, yet his art is not taken as seriously. I feel that this painting shows just how he feels. He is expressing him self as he sees fit, yet its just going to get washed off and cease to exist. How Banky paints his art on the wall is with stencils. He has many layers for different colors, and many times he tries to get a small amount of color into his work. In this case he his whole painting is in color. The balance of the painting where the water is cleaning off the wall is well executed. The negative space truly shows the effect of the presser washer and how fast it can erase history. By having the man off to the side it has a sense of balance. As well we can see the whole picture that he is cleaning. Over all I feel that this is a wonderful representation of an alternate self portrait.

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