Typeface Anatomy – Lauren Turner

This is the one of the movie posters from the movie the Great Gatsby. I saw that another student used a different poster from the same movie/book to talk about but I chose to still use this typeface as an example because it is so unique. The decorative chrome typeface adds and supports the theme of the movie which is the glitz and glamour of the ultra-stylized 20s that the movie takes place in. The font looks extremely classy but is still used in a fitting and unconventional way. The font has a dimensional effect especially with the thick layer of shiny chrome on top of it. The type has a high contrast in letter shapes as well as the incorporated stripe pattern. Together with the kaleidoscopic pattern, the typeface successfully established a glittering roaring twenties atmosphere that the story is set in. Though this font is decorative, it is still a sans serif so as not to appear as an overwhelming font with all the other elements that are added. This typeface is appropriate for the content as it is very flashy. The typeface is also very chunky and bold and thick. The scale of the words “the great” obviously is to highlight the main part of the title which is “Gatsby”. It is hard to try to classify this typeface as it is very decorative but appears very bold. The contrast between some of the stripes applied adds extra dimension and pizzazz that makes the typeface especially intriguing to the eye.  This typeface in this title doesn’t appear big and bulky as it should due to the contrast with the rest of the content of the movie poster. The use of all capital letters creates a very clean line with no ascending elements.

Great Gatsby Poster


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