Pattern Design and Color Interaction – Amy Koller

"Leather Nunchuck" - Claudio Gugleiri

“Leather Nunchuck” – Claudio Gugleiri


This pattern is identifiable as geometric because you can identify that pattern that is being repeated throughout the picture. This one is a little tricky to identify whether it is a line, dot, or grid. But if you look closely, you can see that it represents  line. I find the color combination in the very intriguing. Not only did the artist use primary colors, but they also combined desaturated versions of these primary colors to go along with it. Because of this tactic, the colors are complementary. I want to say the value of composition is high due to the yellow, but when I look closer I find that the blues cool the pattern down a bit in which the value would be lowered as well. Therefore the image evens itself out a bit by combining warm and cool tones. I think the artist did a good job at considering what types of hues would come together to make an appealing illustration.

"Asteriods" - Sanja Kusturica

“Asteriods” – Sanja Kusturica


This image is organic because although you could say that it has dots in it, it’s harder to define and is less straightforward. The pattern seems to be more random and less straightforward compared to the Geometric pattern. By looking at this, I wouldn’t immediately realize that this is a pattern. But, when you look more closely you can see that the pattern can duplicate itself.

When considering the colors, the artist used a variety of different hues and saturations. My eye is drawn immediately to the yellow and then moves over to the red and blue. Therefore, this pattern uses the primary colors that are complementary. There is also desaturated reds and blues in the picture that makes the primary colors stand out even more. The temperature in this pattern is mainly cool due to the fact that most of the colors are blue and green. The value in this image is low because it does have a cooler tone and has a combination of red as well. I think the artist made an interesting move by creating a pattern this organic and colorful, but still maintaining the quality for it to repeat.

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