Pattern Design and Color Interaction- Shannon Heric

The first pattern I chose was from called FLAMINGoS by Monika Strigel. This pattern is organic compared to geometric. The flamingos are separated at all different levels in the pattern, are tilted in different angles and are facing left and right but not in a particular order. The pattern does not have any form of grid or strips and looks pretty random making it an organic pattern. The pattern feels tiled even when it is an irregular form because there are the same flamingos spaced out in four parts of the pattern. The colors used to differentiate the flamingos are analogous with some with low values next to flamingos with high values alongside saturated colors. The background is white making the high saturation colors pop out more to be enhanced and the low pink values blend in more and be diminished.

Karel Martens/ Book Cover Design/

Karel Martens/ Book Cover Design/

The second pattern I chose was from called Duo by Karel Martens. This pattern is a geometric black and white pattern. The geometric forms of rectangles and triangles in multiple even lines make up the geometric stripe pattern 3-d form. The alternating black and white geometric forms appear to be repeated because they are evenly spaced with hard lines and black and white contrasts distinguishing the separation of the geometric forms. As said from Lupton and Phillips, “ As a grid takes shape, it subverts the identity of the separate elements in favor of a larger texture.” This grid takes smaller elements and brings them together to make an overall 3-d texture because of the angles and color choice. Working with black and white can make the black stand out more or the white it depends how one looks at this texture because the way the geometric shapes are positioned.


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