Small Multiples – Amy Koller

Althougsantas-helpers-besth my example might not be a traditional graph, I still feel like it represents the essence of what Tufte was saying about small multiples. In this infographic, it shows us the difference between men and women when it comes to shopping for Christmas.This specific small multiple gives a scope of alternatives. The word/image relationship is demonstrated very well in this image. Not only do I have a good stance on the information being represented, but I have some pictures to go along with the statistics. It also give us the statistics that we need, but it also shows the difference in when people shop and goes over a broad section of time (4 months).

I find it to be a good example of data bountiful due to the fact that it’s visually enforcing comparison between men and women. Although it may not be as simplified as some of the examples that Tufte gave, I still find that it gives a well balanced range of data. This specific graphic demonstrates disruptive divisions over silent methods in my opinion. The image clearly has a distinct division between the two subjects being presented. As with silent method, it would be more subtle. You can tell which graph represents women and men due to both color and image. Therefore, there is a lot of segregation happening.

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