Project Three


Normally we do a Typeface Design project for this part of the class, but to better prepare for using type on our currency designs for Project 4, we will be doing two shorter assignments instead. These assignments and the accompanying readings, field trip, and lecture material are meant to help you gain an appreciation for how much work goes into typeface design, and to encourage you to use type in inventive ways as a graphic designer.

Part 1: Type Anatomy Diagram

Part 2: Type Studies

Required During This Project

  • Read “Formstorming,” “Modularity,” “Grid” chapters from Graphic Design: The New Basics
  • Read  “Thinking with Type” (Anatomy through Font Formats sections)
  • Visit MASC to see type design and currency examples (in class)
  • Watch “Jonathan Hoefler: Typeface Design” from “Abstract: The Art of Design” in class