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Northwest Alternative Comics: Pablo Yong

The image flows across both pages in this comic, the frames convey the passage of time and the continuous image conveys the space being travels by the birds. The white space between the frames acts a transition from frame to … Continue reading

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Final Digital Comic Collage: Pablo Yong

I used the frame of a fan to frame each image. The items are arrange loosely based on their complexity, with raw materials on one end and a phone on the other, it shows a sort of progression. I chose … Continue reading

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Physical to Virtual: Pablo Yong

Last week I brought items to the CDSC to be scanned. I decided to scan various electronics like a computer fan, keyboard key caps and my phone. Scanning items was relatively simple, however it is important to think about what … Continue reading

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Print Versus Digital Comic: Pablo Yong

I made two comics, the first was drawn by hand, the other was made using Microsoft paint. Creating a comic by hand is very different from creating a comic digitally. When creating art digitally, it is very easier to make … Continue reading

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