Show and Tell: Anne Kasenchak

My comic uses interdependent word-picture combinations to describe the scene as well as to give the characters a voice. This type of combination was useful because it gave background description to the readers while the characters words expressed emotions to their actions. Without this combination, some scenes would be unclear. For example, we wouldn’t understand what was on the girl’s phone causing her emptions. The hearts above her head show that in picture form instead of word, giving hints to the reader. It would also be unclear why the man entered the scene and how they were interacting with each other. These pictures and the words create a story line that is easy to follow rather than a comic of pictures that do not make sense. I also used some picture specific scenes to portray invisible emotion that we learned to express in the last section. I did this by having the girl with tears down her face also have hearts above her head. This signified to readers that although she was crying, it hinted at the idea of happy tears rather than sad. This helped aid the readers in following along with the story as well as have insight to what will happen next. For this comic I decided to use illustrator because there were parts that I could not effectively draw on my own. It made it easier to make the images clearer while adding a lot more detail and have more pictures involved in each panel. This also let me make the words easier to read on the page, using text bubbles or putting them in shapes on the edges of the panel. Without the words, the interaction between the two characters would be difficult or impossible to understand by the reader. It would just look like two people, one crying but happy, and the other very confused. 

Show and Tell by Anne Kasenchak, 2020
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