Putting it all Together: Anne Kasenchak

My idea for this comic is to portray the struggles students face and struggles I personally face, and how being in the pandemic has been a very difficult time. There are a lot of things that I focus on during my time in school and being able to remember what I am good at and learning to ask for help keeps me moving forward. A lot of times, I find myself stuck focusing on what’s going wrong and what is too difficult to carry on my own. Learning to ask for help and finding ways to lighten my load allows me to get back on my path to move toward the things that are working. The purpose of my comic is to show that it’s okay to mess up but also that it’s okay to ask for help before everything piles up to high. Everyone struggles in college balancing school, mental health and relationships, and its normal to struggle, as long as you realize who’s there to help and ask for it.

At first, I wanted to do a collage for my form, but realized a simple panel comic would be best to display the images I wanted in a sequential order that could easily be followed. The addition of word bubbles and descriptions made the comic easier to understand.

When deciding what to add and what to leave out, I had some troubles. I wanted to show everything that I personally carry on my back but did not want to clutter the comic with a lot of random photos. I choose which topics were most important and made them the focal points and more detailed, while the smaller objects were still there but did not need to be as significant.

Crafting the comic took a lot of time to find the right images that represented things the way I wanted them to but also not being too overwhelming alongside the other images. Using adobe Illustrator helped me to create identical images with only one or two things changing in the scene.

The surface aspect is the first, larger panel with the person with a ton of things on their back. It looks like a jumbled mess but after reading the comic, a lot more meaning is given to the collage of things.

This comic was more complex than the others I have made because of the different layers and aspects that were slightly changed throughout the panels to make a very meaningful story. Also, this was a lot more ambitious for me because I put a lot more of my own personality and open up about my own life. This is something that is very uncomfortable to me but being able to take something from my own life and turn it into art helped me grow and realize for myself what I can do to lighten my own load. I do like usually feel that I can make something for class out of what I am going through in my own life and therefore this project was ambitious for me to put myself out there and show what is going on inside to others.

Putting it all Together by Anne Kasenchak 2020
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