Living in Line: Anne Kasenchak

In my comic, I hope to convey invisible emotions of love and jealousy. The tools I used tIn my comic, I hope to convey invisible emotions of love and jealousy. The tools I used to create this was the softest pencil I have as well as a sharpie. I started out by sketching all the people and the different frames. Then I added the lines to symbolize the invisible emotions. These invisible emotions give the reader insight that the characters in the comic do not have. For example, the guy is swooning over the girl. She has hearts over her head but she is not looking at him. If he could see the lines too, he would see from the start that she had the hearts in her eyes when she was looking the way and he would see her looking at the other guy. After I drew everything, I went over the parts I wanted to stand out more in sharpie. This technique for me was a lot easier than using Illustrator because I could create it all and erase it quickly. However, I was limited by my personal drawing ability, causing the people to not be detailed and some lines were messier than I wanted them to be.   The messiness affected the comics overall ability to convey the emotions. It was understandable of what the lines were signifying but I would have hoped to have a more defined line structure throughout the comic. Another observation I had was that the light pencil did not scan as well when I was uploading my comic. I had to go back over some lines in order to make them darker. This also affect the darker lines that were meant to stand out and I had to make those lines thicker in order to keep the same affect throughout. I wouldn’t say there was a lot of time aspect included in the comic. It shows a scene that happens in a short period of time with the one guy in love realizing the girl he was swooning over was actually looking at another guy.  

Living in Line Comic. By Anne Kasenchak
Living in Line Comic. By Anne Kasenchak
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