Putting It All Together: Jaclyn Seifert


“It’s all going to fall back into place at some point” by Jaclyn Seifert  // May 2020                           Made on Adobe Illustrator

I’m not sure why this blog post is sentimental, but it sure is rewarding to finish off the semester on a project I am proud of. I’ll be the first to say it, but using Illustrator is not easy. I think it’s just something about that first couple seconds when you open the application and then it’s a blank screen. However, I think for anyone who has ever made something they were proud of in there knows what it feels like to accomplish greatness, even the beginners…By all means, I am no expert, but I spent a ton of time on this project. It only felt right to do since we all are on our computers and phones all the time anyway.

You asked us to create something related to own our unique individuality and to be ambitious; so, for my final weekly comic in DTC201, I created a piece that represents 5% of what has been going on inside of my head during this whole pandemic thing.

“We all live in a state of profound isolation. No other human being can ever know what it’s like to be you from the inside…All media of communication are a by-product of our sad inability to communicate directly from mind to mind (194).

At times, I felt lost reading McCloud’s chapters, but the final chapter in the book truly did tie all of this semester together. At the end of it all,  we express ourselves to help us communicate with other humans. We are all just trying out best, even if those ideas on the paper are not exactly what we wanted the other person to see. (Even in this! I wanted my stars to be brighter and bigger in the original AI file but did not really show up in the JPG.

Comics Meaning

Before understanding what each character represents in my comic, it is important to understand the background choice. A dark place in an empty galaxy with comets, millions of stars, and a bright full moon with a powerful quote from McCloud. Each of the characters represents a specific feeling or mood and is all looking towards that amazing future that lies ahead of all of us after all of this.

  • The closest and biggest figure to the viewer represents happiness, on the days when I had a great work out, got a good grade, talked to my favorite people, and most of the time I am having a great day so that is was it is upfront and personal.
  • Then, the next closest figure represents that first couple of weeks in quartine like “when is this thing going to be over” and “I didn’t think this was actually going to be like this.”
  • Then, we move on to the smallest figure (that is the smallest for a reason) whose outfit changes to black. She represents all the uncertainty, overthinking, pointless sadness, and anxiety.
  • However, I also wanted this to be inspiring as well! So finally, we meet the lady in red to represent anger but also someone rising to the occasion and realizing this more than just herself. Inspiring, grateful, humble, honest, and ready to help where she needs.

Finally, the starry night background. A lot harder to make on Illstarator than I thought tbh, but the meaning behind really just ties everything together. This all feels like a dream doesn’t it a little? Like it is isn’t actually real? However, all the different feelings and emotions in the characters are just temporary. It is going to be so awesome after all of this! In the moon, the writing reads and ties in our final lesson in this course, “No other human being can ever know what it’s like to be you from the inside.” This is true, but look, here I am attempting to give you my best explanation.

Scott McCloud’s Six Steps:

  1. Idea/Purpose:
  • Without some of those inspiring and thought-provoking final quotes in McCloud’s book, I would probably be sitting here writing so over-exaggerated examination of a comic I didn’t really care about.
    • It is just so crazy! Some of my first impulses and emotions came from reading that quote above to my mom. I mean it is super true and so powerful, a lot of us are just lonely and trying to get by.

2.  Form: 

  • My initial idea was to create an inspiring wonder women lady in the center of the page surrounded by words that are honest yet inspirational. That lady would attempt to represent me.
    • This starting by finding and following this AI tutorial on youtube and designing a lady that somewhat looked like me.
    • It took me FOREVER!! A couple hours honestly.
    • https://youtu.be/7bfzeYTG0Fg

3. Idiom:

  • My style was pretty basic and you can for sure tell I am a beginner and just followed youtube tutorial but I LEARNED A TON of new tools! And that is all that material.
    • The Genre of my comic I would say is pathos and a lot of emotion. I knew I wanted to incorporate the quote and some words into my comic and eventually did that inside of the moon!
      • Side note took me so long to figure out how to wrap the text inside a crescent shape and then I figured it. Jeez wow so easy. It’s fine, I’m fine.

4. Structure:

  • After I finished the first lady, I was at a standstill. I wasn’t quite sure yet how I was going to put it all together and compose the work. So then I messed around and eventually came up with the idea for many of the characters represent my feelings and emotions during this time.
    • Here, I change the colors of the dresses and took off the earrings to represent the feelings more directly and understand the emotion better.
      • Red = anger, Blue = Happy and put together, Black = Sadness etc.

5. Craft:

  • This was where the Starry night youtube tutorial came into play. The hardest and longest step. Lots of pausing and going back on the video. There was also a ton of deleting and fixing within AI.
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZK-ToMEruo
    • Skills and tools used: selection tool, direct selection tool, pen tool (add anchor point), type (on path tool), almost all of the shape tools, pencil tool for the stars, eraser tool, scale tool (for the comets), blur (gaussian) effect, and lots of **gradient tool.

6. Surface:

  • After all of it, trust me I was shocked too. Proud of it though.
  • I went back and deleted some of the extra stars off the characters and added my name at the bottom.
    • It took me forever to add the letters inside of the moon.

This weekly comic was definitely more ambitious than my previous two. Overall, I feel confident that my final weekly comic in DTC201 represents my improvement and growth using Illustrator.

Most importantly, my final project shows not only that I push myself academically, but I push myself intellectually and to think critically beyond the surface. I am sure this will pay off in the long run somewhere down the line!


About jaclynseifert

Hello! My name is Jaclyn Seifert and I am a Junior pursuing a B.A in Science & Technology and Public Relations with a minor in Digital Technology and Culture from Washington State University.
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