Weekly Blog: Show & Tell: Jaclyn Seifert

For this week’s comic, the comic I created uses interdependent word-picture combination by utilizing an equal balance between showing while also telling pictures and words. My comic tells the story of the month of March and the extreme disappointment I felt when WSU moved online.

Weekly Comic #2 - Show and Tell-01

“2020 tragedy: COVID-19” by Jaclyn Seifert created on Adobe AI

Viewers can choose to interpret the painting tool with an enlarged drawn bandaid as to why

McCloud opens “Chapter 6: Show and Tell” talking about how many of us as children were taught in picture books immediately about the “interchangeably” and “great” togetherness using words and images. Without the words alongside the girl I created, the comic would no longer make any sense to the viewer and vice versa. The words are just words without the pictures beside them.

“Words and pictures go hand in hand to convey an idea that neither could convey alone” (McCloud, 155).

I also believe in the lecture you used the quote that, “In comics at its best, words and pictures are like partners in dance and each takes a turn leading” (McCloud, 156).  McCloud later in the chapter talked about how some of the earliest words were in fact just stylized pictures. We can learn a lot from him in this chapter, and honestly, it was quite interesting to reflect on the idea that in our children the creativity of picture books similarly vanished overtime into books with only words.

Other types of word-picture combinations, according to McCloud’s explanation:

My comic fits under the most common of duo-specific combination because the panels both are words and pictures that send essentially the same message. It could almost be word specific as well but I don’t zoom in the specific areas or objects.

Tools and techniques used to create the comic:

I created my project on adobe Illustrator and utilized a number of tools. I found myself frustrated at the beginning of this project and really just wanted to push myself as a learner and artist to try something new. I began creating the female face by using this 10-minute youtube tutorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaPgmZFZ3bg

I used many new tools in the meantime including the shape builder tool, eyedropper tool, rectangle, rounded, and ellipse shape tool, and just overall utilized using color for the first time in the program! Exciting I know right, but it definitely took me more than 10 minutes to create as I had to undo and redo many times. However, in the end I was proud of my final creation. Then, I added text to my comic and finished off using the paintbrush tool to add some final touches creating the bandaid effect for viewers to interpret however they choose.

The specific nature of these tools affected the visual presentation of my words and the linguistic components of my comic because I was able to create something that was current and relevant in my life. Using the tools in illustrator I was honestly a bit intimidating as well as it was last week but each week I seem to be getting a little better and understanding the program.

About jaclynseifert

Hello! My name is Jaclyn Seifert and I am a Junior pursuing a B.A in Science & Technology and Public Relations with a minor in Digital Technology and Culture from Washington State University.
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