Living In Line: Jaclyn Seifert

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Weekly Comic By Jaclyn Seifert created on Adobe Illustrator 

There was a lot to learn from Chapter 5: “Living in Line” and honestly felt it was one of the more beneficial chapters as we all become better creative thinkers. When reading, and I believe you touched on this as well in the lecture, but Scott McCloud said, “The way the line is rendered will impact the emotion it conveys” (McCloud pg. 119). Everything in art it seems like honestly depends on this line quality so much now a day and has the very first impact on the viewer’s idea of the art. I feel like when I sit back and think about the first time I learned about lines, it was something first taught at some point in elementary school. Now, I can’t help to think how interesting it is that I am now a sophomore in college-related lines back to 2020 art.

This was my first attempt at AI Illustrator and being creative. I suppose right now all of us and everyone can relate to feeling an extra amount of emotions so it only seemed right to attempt to draw how I am currently feeling. I am no digital artist yet, but stress, anxiety, and uncertainty are definitely exemplified in this comic. However, while it feels almost inevitable to not feel those emotions at this time, the box attempts to provide suggestions or help to combat these feelings of distress. Once I started messing around with drawing the lines, it was easy to get into a grove.

What normally invisible senses and/or emotions do you hope to convey?

I think viewers can read a story of how it feels to be in this quartine. Mental health for everyone is difficult right now and I came across some great quotes the other day. Instead of Overthinking, critical self-talk, pushing and pushing, trying to do it all and doing your normal workload (which many of us are trying to navigate how to keep ourselves sane), maybe try celebrating small wins, taking a nap, asking for help or setting 3 realistic goals per day. So, this comic attempts to act as a mental health guide to those that might be struggling I suppose.

Maybe someone just needs to just get outside and go for a walk and sit out on a dock to attempt to understand what is happening inside their mind. It is okay to not have all the answers!

What tools and techniques did you use to create the comic? How did the specific nature of these tools affect your image quality and therefore your ability to communicate specific emotions and/or senses?

I used Adobe Illustrator. I used the paintbrush tool, rectangle and ellipse tool, the wrinkle tool and the pencil tool. Additionally, I used the text tool with the font chalkduster. I also used many different types of brush strokes throughout the comic, especially in the last box. It was interesting to draw on a computer which I honestly think overall was just the hardest part. I could have drawn something by hand but wanted to challenge myself. However, it was very nice to copy and paste specific lines at times to speed up the time like when I created the reflection in the lake and then just added a lower opacity to that section to create the effect.

What are your other observations about the tools or techniques you used this week, whether they were digital or material?

This is hard stuff and I get why the pros get paid the big bucks. I am really trying to force myself to learn and get better at using Illustrator.

What types of closure are taking place between the panels of your comic? 

I suppose my panels are quite obvious. However, when I realized the wrinkle tool was a thing, I really wanted to incorporate it into my comic. I tried to create a downward effect for the viewer in an attempt for them to follow with there eyes. Also, to create an effect with emotion the distress in the wrinkles.

Do you work inventively with time in this comic?

For sure, definitely invested Time into this, and especially in that last box. That felt very tedious. However, I am looking forward do using illustrator more and improving my skills time into this, and especially in that last box. That felt very tedious however I am looking forward do using illustrator more and improving my skills in this class.

About jaclynseifert

Hello! My name is Jaclyn Seifert and I am a Junior pursuing a B.A in Science & Technology and Public Relations with a minor in Digital Technology and Culture from Washington State University.
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