Final Digital Comic Collage: Pablo Yong

Comics Collage by Pablo Yong, February 2020

I used the frame of a fan to frame each image. The items are arrange loosely based on their complexity, with raw materials on one end and a phone on the other, it shows a sort of progression.

I chose mostly objects that were flat and scanned them at high resolutions, I wanted to show details that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. I also wanted to experiment with depth, objects that were more three dimensional came out of focus when being scanned, this also showed an interesting perspective change,objects appeared to stretch, but only in one direction. I was impress with a resolution of the images, however I noticed that the images were always slightly out of focus, this made scanning at even higher resolutions pointless as there would be no increase in detail.

This is not my first time using Photoshop, but I’ve only used it a couple of times before for color and touch up edits, not anything with multiple layers. I found the magic wand tool easy to use for selecting areas of similar color, however the selection had difficulty dealing with out of focus sections as well as shadows. Many areas still had speckles that needed to be masked manually, I ended up masking most of the image manually after fiddling with the quick select tool. I found using clipping masks confusing as the mask or shape that I wanted needed to be on the layer below. In my opinion, it makes more sense the other way around, I put a mask on my face to cover it, I don’t put my face on a mask to reveal it, or maybe my face is a mask for my skull.

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