Final Digital Comic Collage: Jaclyn Seifert


My creative motivations and aesthetic experiences I hope viewers first examine from my collage are that it is a comic of my life. That is pretty simple to examine and a lot of my inspiration came from two specific examples in class. The first was an example of a number of items falling out of a backpack and the second was a collection of simplest items in day to day life.


Jaclyn Seifert – Final Digital Comic February 2020


My comic fits into McCloud’s definition of juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequences because of the effect of things following out of my backpack. Other readings and class discussions helped me think about your work was Lynda Barry. One could say that this is the complete opposite of Lynda Barry’s style of a comic, where a variety of images are placed together with no direction. I wanted to create a collage that depicted my life and the only way I knew how to do that was keeping it simple with items I use every day.  Also, at the top of my project, you will notice a newspaper article and attached to it are sticky notes. I almost did not do this because I thought in a way it would look tacky. However, I thought it ties in that although I may not be a very good artist with a physical pencil, I can show my creativity through digital. 

The materials, objects, textures, and images I juxtaposed in my work helped make meaning through the college process. Honesty, picking the items was the hands-down one of the hardest parts of this project. Additionally, I used linguistic mode in your comic (words) and how made the visual choices about their representation as well in the newspaper clippings I used. The story at the bottom was the first newspaper article I ever wrote last May for our school newspaper. The idea behind using this section was regardless if the viewer actually reads the article, they will look at the overarching idea of its placement.

Experience using Photoshop:

Clearly, I had a big issue where I basically had to restart the entire project because of the image size with let me tell you is incredibly important. I now always make sure my image size is exactly what I want it to be. However, using specific tools was not very difficult. Obviously, it took a couple tries in the beginning but after this project, I feel confident using the quick selection tool and easer tool.

I have only actually used photoshop once or twice before. I have played around with it before but what I have learned is how important your image size is before even starting the project. The tools and techniques from the tutorials were most useful in creating my collage was the selection tool and easer tool. Specifically, using the easer tool in the notebook in the bottom left corner took a tremendous amount of time. It was confusing or frustrating when the selection tool would not select the correct section of the photo I was trying to trace around.


Although at times, it was annoying easing a small as 3 or 4 pixels in some areas, I did enjoy composing in a digital environment because I felt that I could really see the creative side of myself at my best.

Photoshop is hard and incredibly tedious, but it is these projects that will help me in the future regardless of what my career is. It is annoying learning and understanding the complexity of using photoshop but it is a program and this project will be worth the stress and time learning it in the future.



About jaclynseifert

Hello! My name is Jaclyn Seifert and I am a Junior pursuing a B.A in Science & Technology and Public Relations with a minor in Digital Technology and Culture from Washington State University.
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