Physical to Virtual: Pablo Yong

Last week I brought items to the CDSC to be scanned. I decided to scan various electronics like a computer fan, keyboard key caps and my phone. Scanning items was relatively simple, however it is important to think about what the final size of the image will be to select an appropriate resolution. At this time, I was not completely sure what I wanted to do for this project. So, I tried to error on the side of too high of a resolution as the size of the images can easily be reduced. However, an unreasonably high resolution would produce large file sizes and may be difficult to deal with while editing. I also noticed diminishing returns at higher resolutions as increasing the image size would not improve the image quality as small details would be blurry when viewed at full size, this might be due to the focus being slightly off. I tried to select items that I thought had an interesting texture or design. Ideally, I will be able to leverage the quality of the scan to show details that would otherwise be overlooked when seen with the naked eye. I plan on bringing more tech related objects to scan to hopefully create an interesting collage.

Fan by Pablo Yong, February 2020

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