Physical to virtual: Alexandria Bachmann

The materials I brought to the first Scanning day included different texture cards of metal, wood, and other hard composites. The backings of all the cards were wood and had either burnt engravings, painted lettering, or metal engraving. Additionally I brought a couple different pieces of paper which depicted different words, colors, or patterns. And then I brought a few different kinds of fabric including ones thatContained patterns or fuzzy textures.

Now that we have had the opportunity to digitize a couple objects I would like to continue to by digitizing dried flowers, leaves, or other natural textures from nature. I think it could be interesting to buy a bouquet of flowers and then rescan them in different ways to create different compositions from a singular bouquet of flowers. I also think it could be interesting to scan feathers, faux fur, highly intricate fabrics, or fabrics that contain designs already, such as graphic shirts. You could also scan multiple graphic shirts together to create a composite image of the textures and designs together of some kind.

Additionally I think that natural textures could be extremely interesting just due to their known texture becoming only a visual aspect instead of physical aspects. Everyone knows how a leaf feels in their hand so seeing the physical texture but only being able to experience it visually would be an interesting artistic layer of the project.

One more thing that I believe would be interesting would be to create backgrounds layering different printed images to create a digital low relief background. The reason I think this could be so interesting is that you would be turning a three dimensional low relief into a flattened one dimensional representation of a low relief. Using different textures of paper or printed material could also create an added depth and it’s visuality while making it more visually interesting.

Blue Scunchie with red floral pattern with stems and leaves in green.
Photo Scanned at CDSC February 2020 at WSU by Alexandria Bachmann for DTC201

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