Physical to Virtual: Dean Janikowski

Going to the CDSC for the first time was an awesome experience. I enjoyed my time at the CDSC learning about the scanners and how to size the images for photoshop. The m materials I brought in to scan was a FBI agent business card, two polaroids of WSU, a quarter, and a 1978 Cadillac Broughman hood decorate. This hood decorate came off of the Cadillac that I bought last year for 400$ and fixed up with m y friends. This was one of the objects I absolutely had to use because it meant so much to me. Plus the hood decorate was an old steel emblem that went on the front hood of a Cadillac. I was so excited about it to because it was one of the harder things to scan and I was up for the challenge.

1987 Cadillac Broughman By: Dean Janikowski

If I were to pick my second favorite scanned object it would be the FBI agent card. It was so cool to scan because the card was a genuine FBI card and had the FBI stamp which had really cool texture and feel to it. I want to use the FBI stamp for my comic and cut it out and use just the stamp.

FBI Special Agent By: Dean Janikowski

With the objects I brought in I used a higher resolution. I did this because a lot of my objects either had a lot of texture or was something I wanted to be able to expand and make big for my comic. Another part of it is that its a lot easier to downsize and image versus upsizing. Overall, I think these main two objects will be cool to use on my comic because it will fit perfectly on my comic. My comic talks about an FBI agent working a crime scene and I think both hood decorate and FBI stamp.

All in all my experience at the CDSC was amazing. Luckily I was able to to scan all the images I wanted to and can start working on my project!

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