Print Versus Digital Comic: Pablo Yong

Drawn Comic by Pablo Yong January 2020

I made two comics, the first was drawn by hand, the other was made using Microsoft paint. Creating a comic by hand is very different from creating a comic digitally. When creating art digitally, it is very easier to make simple geometric shapes, however it is easier to make more complex shapes by hand. When making comics, there are usually similar elements from panel to panel. When creating by hand, I would have to draw the same thing multiple times, in the digital world, I can copy and paste elements from panel to panel. It is important to plan the layout and spacing of the comic beforehand as it is difficult to fix afterwards if the comics is being created by hand, on a computer, things can be easily moved around and rearranged if necessary.

With my first comic, I wanted to introduce myself. I tried to say a few things about me without really saying anything at all. Using only a few words and pictures as needed. Only taking up a small amount of space. I think this conveys part of me well.

The experience reading a comic change if it is being read on paper or on a screen. on paper, the comic has a physical size and format that is limited by the paper. on a screen, the image can be scaled and the format is unconstrained.

Digital Comic by Pablo Yong, January 2020

When making my second comic I wanted the panels to be more connected to each other, in this comic I made a conversation between two people, though both people look similar, you can tell they are separate people as they are framed differently in each panel.

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