Print Versus Digital Comic: Jaclyn Seifert

My experience making a comic by hand versus using a digital tool was drastically different. Although there were benefits when creating both, I personally enjoyed the digital tool better.

Hand Drawn Comic by Jaclyn Seifert, Jan. 2020

Drawn Comic by Jaclyn Seifert, Jan. 2020

In class so far, I think it is important to note what we are learning in the course. The first day we discussed how we will be critically exploring the history of printed media affects our past, present the future of digital technology today.

In this assigment, we learned that comics can welcome any writer or artist to step into this world with a pen on paper created on paper OR created digitally.

I created two comics. One hand-drawn with no color on a plain piece of notebook paper. In this comic, I described my first day of class in DTC 201 and the storyline of my journey to my first day of class. I then ended the story in the box talking about how I called my mom after and expressed to her how much I was looking forward to taking the course.

I also created a digital comic using Apple Pages and then electronics sending handwritten writing from my I-phone to my computer. Here, this comic describes my jounrey step by step on my way to class. My hike in the snow to finding the classroom to getting a drink of water, and even to leaving the class to call my mom.

I think handwritten was easier and quicker. However, I found that when I used the digital tool I could have a better and more efficient description of what I was trying to communicate through my story.

I also believe it leaves the readers wanted more and curious to want more.

Digital Comic Assignment

Digital Comic by Jaclyn Seifert, Jan. 2020

In my handwritten comic, I did not honestly spend a lot of time on it and felt that I could have done better. My stick figure shows my ability to drawing and where I currently stand with that but that is okay.

I found that when I created my digital comic I was able to communicate a better and clearer version that I wanted to share.

To me, I think the difference between reading a comic on-screen as opposed to paper is the pace and how long the reader or viewer will actually remember it. If it was hand-drawn I think that the person will remember it more than the digital copy. Additionally, I think that the hand-drawn comics show and tell more about an artist, which I am not.

However, contrasting that idea seems to be for those who are not as great of artists can express their story better through digital comic creation. 

Reading the first chapter of Scott McCloud’s “Understanding Comics” did give me ideas as you created your digital comic because he describes them as “Juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence” and my digital comic does just that. It might not be perfect but my comic at least attempts to convey information for an aststic response as I placed different pictures side by side.

This allowed me to attempt to be as creative as possible.

About jaclynseifert

Hello! My name is Jaclyn Seifert and I am a Junior pursuing a B.A in Science & Technology and Public Relations with a minor in Digital Technology and Culture from Washington State University.
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