Print Versus Digital Comic: Anne Kasenchak

Hand Drawn Comic
Digital Comic

My comics were similar but the digital one had less details but more words. I think the benefits of drawing for me was being able to draw it quicker. I was able to add more details and be able to get things drawn much faster than I would’ve on the computer. The drawback is that I am not the best at drawing and am still learning so my artwork was not as good as I had hoped. The benefit to creating the digital comic was that I could find clip art and find images online. Pictures or images I can’t draw, I could look up the pictures and be able to find the exact image. However, the difficulty I found was that I am still learning how to draw images on different platforms and being able to do that would make the images more person and less random. If I could draw them digitally, I would be able to make the characters and moments closer to me and moments in my life. When reading the comics, I think paper is much easier to read. Digitally, you do not get the turning of the pages and the layout can be much more confusing. On paper, it is much easier to understand the flow of the comic. After reading chapter one, I got the idea to add words to my comic. When drawing it originally, I did not add the words because I was worried it would take away from the pictures. After reading, I decided to add it because it would help add context and depth to the comic. It would also make it easier for readers to understand instead of when I’m presenting it and can explain the pictures in depth.

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