Graphic Novel Review: Patrick Istvan

I chose to read the graphic novel called “Marathon” by Boaz Yakin and Joe Infurnari. It is a retelling of the story about a messenger who ran from the battle of Marathon around 490 BC to tell the Athenians about the victory at Marathon and to warn them about the

“Marathon” by Boaz Yakin and Joe Infurnari

Persians coming to attack the city of Athens by sea. The story follows Eucles and shows his

growing into his role from being a young messenger boy for a tyrant king who later joins the Persian side to retake Athens and re-instate himself as king under Persian rule. The Comic has little iconography compared to others as the art style is pretty detailed. The lines are rough and almost sketch like and grungy. Maybe this is done in order to give a sense of desperation as and that things are dark and bleak for Eucles and the Greeks. The situations where he does use iconography is when there is distance in play. Details tend to disappear at a distance and characters become less important. Also in scenes where there are many side characters the authors use more iconography to focus our attention on main characters.


The biggest difference I noticed in reading web comics vs print comics is the transitions between panels. There is much more creativity available which I felt was something Scott McCloud used rather well when he made his web comics. I especially like the transitions used in “The Right Number Parts 1 & 2” where the he put a smaller image of the next panel

“The Right Number” by Scott McCloud

in the middle of the panel the viewer is currently reading. The smaller panel then comes out to encompass the screen giving a feeling that the viewer is going down a tunnel. I think it is a great way to “trick” the reader into putting more focus into the comic. I generally enjoy physical comics more though. I feel that when I can touch something it has more value. As a marketing major this plays hand in hand with concepts in consumer behavior. People generally value things more if they can touch it. Even with our own finances. A good strategy to keep to budgets is to have the money in cash rather than on a card. People will spend more conservatively if they actually have to fork over paper money.

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