Graphic Novel Review: Matthew Mollet

“Birkham Addict”

“Birkham Addict” is a web comic about someone who was addict to alcohol and prescription drugs, until she found yoga and became addicted to that. This web comic differs from print comics because the author was able to choose separate backgrounds. These backgrounds behind the artwork act as a separation between storylines and help the reader differentiate between times of the comic. Tradition print comics typically only have the artwork on each page and the web comic allows the author to separate her work.

“300” by Frank Miller

“300” by Frank Miller is a graphic novel about the Spartans and their battle against the Persians. Before I read this novel I had not known that the movie, of the same name, was based on a novel. Frank Miller has other graphic novels that were adapted into movies like “Sin City”. After reading this book, I really enjoyed how closely it related to the move which I had seen first. The novel follows the journey of King Leonidas and his army of 300 Spartans who attempted to defeat the Persian army against all odds. In the end, the Spartans were defeated and died in battle as Persian arrows rained down on them. The book was magnificent and followed McClouds traditional definition of comics. The action packed graphic novel told the story of the Spartans and showed their story until the end

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