Graphic Novel Review: Justin Pardini

Grandmaster Flash

The graphic novel that I chose to read was Hip Hop Family Tree, by Ed Piskor. This graphic novel discussed some of the beginning of the history of Hip Hop and Rap, and also discusses some of the pioneers that helped start this movement. Some of these people include; Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc, The Sugarhill Gang, and many more. Being someone who is already a huge fan of this genre, I was already aware of who these people were, however, it was interesting to see them in actual characters and settings within the story. As for the story, it was more a biography, than an actual narrative. Although it did tell the story of the rise of DJ’s and rappers, it also included facts and notions that were very much alive during this era. I consider it to be a ‘historical comic,’ much like the one about Hiroshima that we’ve discussed in class. Ultimately, this novel was fun to read, and helped me see a lot more, rather than hear, this beginning of the genre.

The Right Number

Reading digital comics was a lot easier than on paper. You have the ability to zoom in and see details that are not made aware to the naked eye, however, this is something about comics on paper that relays a sense of nostalgia. I tend to think of my childhood when I think of comics and graphic novels, especially ones that have this notion involving music or characters that I am already aware of. Looking at the digital comics gave me more of an idea about space, as it’s easy to navigate around the page when online, but on paper, you can’t typically focus on one part without seeing other frames or aspects to the comic. Ultimately, this lead to me to prefer comics on paper, for I tend to gravitate towards images that are collage-like, rather than digital comics, which can sometimes be viewed one frame at a time.

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