Graphic Novel Review: Joseph Alonso

Comic created by Doug TenNapel in 2010.

Ghostopolis is a graphic novel by Doug TenNapel and is an interesting take on the afterlife.  The overall plot is about a kid named Garth who has an incurable disease.  He gets sent to the afterlife without dying and has to try to find a way back to the land of the living, all while learning what it truly means to be alive. The image I used is the moment Garth gets sent to the afterlife, starting the whole adventure.

The story has many different ways to show the difference between the dead and the living, such as some ghosts appear transparent, or having some sort of etherial mist trailing after them.  In the story, Garth’s grandpa Cecil also has an interesting design choice in first appearing as a child, showing his immaturity.  As the story progresses, Cecil grows up physically and mentally as he learns responsibility.

Comic created by Scott McCloud, between 2000 and 2001.

Something I noticed about webcomics is that a digital format seems to allow for more freedom in creative direction.  One of Scott McCloud’s webcomics shows this by flowing down the screen in an interesting and varying pattern.  The image I used is where Scott mentions the way webcomics tend to go down the page.  Scott also uses different types of trails to connect the different panels.

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