Graphic Novel Review: Jon Klaveano

The graphic novel I choose to read over October is called “The Homeland Directive” it was written and illustrated by Robert Venditti and Mike Huddleston. The story follows Dr. Laura Regan who is a researcher at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr.

 (The Homeland Directive)

Laura Regan is one of the worlds most authorities on viral and bacteriological studies. Her research partner is killed and Regan is accused of being the murderer. She find herself in quite a pickle and a larger than life conspiracy. Luckily for her Three Federal agents believe the government is behind the murder and think Dr. Laura Regan is the coverup. The rest of the story centers around the groups attempt to expose the truth which not to ruin the ending, but affect the lives of all americans. The story is very action forward and throughout their journey to expose the truth they are confronted with law enforcement, mercenaries, and cyber detectives.  I believe this graphic novels biggest strength is its Iconography. The colors and art styles used vary so much throughout the entire story. The colors the authors use on every page I believe are strategic. They always help to highlight the mood and tone of each scene. The figures drawn are also semi realistic which I think is the only way this would work. I could not imagine this graphic novel featuring stick characters.

One of the online readings that stuck out to me was “Dead Baby Downhill Turns 20.” Right off the bat the title of this online comic stands out, and definitely draws the reader in for obvious reasons. After reading the comic and figuring out what this was all about. I

Dead Baby Downhill by Eroyn Franklin

thought alot about how my experience reading it online varied from how it would have been in paper. I kept thinking about how it just seemed like it would never end with scrolling down. Whereas when flipping pages you know your that much closer to finishing. I also believe that the natural way we read doesn’t lend itself to reading online very well. It may be that people are used to books, but I also found it weird how skinny the content was. Probably because I’m used to two pages next to each other. 

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