Graphic Novel Review: Janet Okeago

A Graphic novel 4 Ever by I. Mercy who made it a crossroad where love and friendship,boy and girl, straight and gay meet. ventures into Gender queer life ,where affections aren’t black and white.

The graphic novel i chose to read from W.S.U library is 4 ever by i. Mercy. The author of this book tells a story that is more of school life where one gets at the university as a freshman and how they change into being those nice students and learning how, where and when to socialize. The characters are of different genders whereby i found it interesting by how they gave the description of the freshman boy who seems to be new in school and trying to adapt through every days activity, the other character who is a lady seems to be one of those girls who kind of pretend to be tough in school and try to scare the freshmen. The girl seems to be a celebrity in school and tries to interact with the freshman who is said to be weird in such a way people don’t realize he is a gay student. He always carries a book with him which he draws most of the time to avoid being molested but later on in the story he is able to make friends through the popular girl in school where he involves himself in social life and most of the evenings he is taken in clubs where they dance all day and he then is introduced to alcoholic beverages and that makes him happy. The format in which the author uses the space is made such a way they don’t waste space and also you cant tell in some of the parts how to read and what follows. The flames are used in a way that came be seem like a hand drawn sketch and not as neat as one may think. The juxtaposition entails two young lovers who meet in school and they remain friends but later on separate when they move to different places. The author uses black and white images that shows us the mood of the characters and it is easier for me as a reader to connect to the reading more easily.

Scott McCloud web comic. The right Number Part 2 Presented in 2003 and the author uses an experimental format to talk about sex, obsession and phone number. Pg-3

On the web comics presented to us on WordPress, i came across an interesting comic that seemed unique and it caught my attention. The comic book the right number part 2 almost tells a story about relationship and work which relates to the graphic novel i read. I like how the author displays his comic book in search a way it makes it easier for the reader to just click on the allow to take you to the next page. The author creates the web in such a way that saves time for going to the next page which is fascinating to me.

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