Graphic Novel Review: Jack Kay

Throughout the month of October, I indulged myself into the land of the Quarantine Zone by Daniel H. Wilson. I like reading Science-fiction novels the most so I knew this one was perfect for me. The story opens in Washington DC where a virus called, “Malnoro,” spreads across the people causing mass panic. Instead of killing people, this virus, makes people do evil acts. Most of the population was curable, but for a small chunk of people, they were found incurable. The virus affects the empathy center of the frontal Lobe, which

Quarantine Zone retrieved from Bruised Books

is hard for one person to know when they have been effected. When someone gets the virus, a part of their soul unlocks where they become extremely evil. These people were put in a Quarantine Zone, hence the title,  which is a very ratchet and dirty place. The infected were walled off from the rest of society creating a really savage environment, the guards, or the law-enforcement were armed with weapons as well as self-destruction devices. The self-destruction devices include a compartment of dynamite to self-destruct if they so happen to become infected. The other aspect is their weapon, and their weapon will jam if they become infected because otherwise their evil mind will have freedom with the gun and that is just not good. After reading the online comics, I felt a little out of the environment in which the author wants to create. Looking at a book versus looking at a screen on a laptop kind of takes away from the experience, but that is just my opinion. In books the art is better portrayed because of how the line quality interacts with one another. Online, the comics seem a lot more dull to me and not as fun to read for some reason. I like doing things the old way because I just like the nostalgic effects of it; so picking up a book and reading it outside is the better way of reading for me. The comic seen below was an interesting read, but did not compare to what I received from reading the Quarantine Zone.

The Dead Baby Downhill Roll

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