Graphic Novel Review: Hyelim Min

Demon by Jason Shiga

The graphic novel that I chose to read during the month of October is called Demon volume 1 by Jason Shiga. The main character named Jimmy tries to die himself, but he is not able to die. When his body is killed, Jimmy takes over the body of the person. He becomes different person every time he is trying to kill himself. His body is killed but his mind and soul goes into other person’s body. Jimmy does anything that he can do to avoid the shadowy government agency even if it means tearing the world down around him. The iconography that Jason Shiga used in the graphic novel is very simplistic. He simplified the novel with using minimum combination colors, structure, and the drawing. He only used the affiliation of black and white color combination except for the affiliation of red color. His use of color combination and drawings without detailed depiction tells the characteristic of novel that is very simple and preposterous.

According to the Scott McCloud, the simplicity of comic book visuals gives the visuals more power, largely because they call upon the comic book reader to help create meaning. At that point, I think the concepts of simplicity of graphic novel fits into the model of the drawing style from graphic novel called Demon.

Long-term Relationship by Eroyn Franklin

Reading comics in a digital format gives different impression than reading it on a book. When I read the web comics by Eroyn Franklin, it has more feeling of movement and vividness effect than just reading on a printed version of comic. The comics in digital version has more opportunities to express the depictions in various way that the author wants to represent.

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