Graphic Novel Review: Erika Epperson

Astronauts in Trouble, Space: 1959 by Larry Young, Charlie Adlard, and Kurt Busiek

The comic that I chose is called Astronauts in Trouble, Space: 1959 by Larry Young, Charlie Adlard, and Kurt Busiek. This comic took place in 1959, as it says in the title. It is about a top secret program in Peru that becomes discovered when a janitor has been found dead. When the news team investigates the dead body Colonel Macadam’s program gets exposed. Then eventually the space launch becomes exposed by Russian spies as well and Macadam becomes in danger from the Russian spies who try to take over. In this comic there are a lot of sharp lines and sharp edges especially on the faces of these characters. These lines and shapes gives it a sense of intensity. Another thing is that there are a lot of lines especially on the right you can see a lot of vertical lines indicating a strong gust of wind. Makes the comic seem more extreme and more of an action packed comic. 

Zot by Scott McCloud

When I was reading the web comics there was one in particular that I thought was interesting. It was “Zot by Scott McCloud“. Normally you would flip through pages, reading left to right, but this format kind of looked like a timeline. It was a long vertical comic where you would have to scroll down to read it. It definitely gave it a different experience when scrolling through a comic versus flipping through the pages. He also used lines to connect from each frame to the next. That line helped the audience’s eyes  follow where to look at next. It also seemed like he used the lines to make it look like a long constellation with the background of the comic being a night sky. I thought that was really clever as well.  

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