Graphic Novel Review: Elora Buschini

One Shot One Beer is the third in the the series of three in astronauts in trouble. This made reading it feel like I was missing some background information but didn’t stop me from reading and knowing what was going on. This graphic novel is exactly what it sounds like, however that is not what I expected. The novel takes place in space in a “friendly atmosphere” where drinks are served at a bar. Where things take a change from the title is all the action that was included. This wasn’t quite expected by me because of how self explanatory I thought the title was. Although the pages show a lot of examples of movement and time based on how the images are designed. The pages are filled with black and white graphics, though the panels differ from one or two on the whole age to six to nine horizontal and vertical panels. This helped to convey all of the action happening at a quick pace, and helped to exaggerate how intense a scene is.

For my digital comic I chose the right number because its showed such a different perspective than my print comic. The stories are obviously different, this image shows two people at a table on their first date. I stood out to me because the concept of sitting with someone related back to the bar scenes in my print copy but this one is read differently. By reading this inline comic it helped to show how panels impact the story line. With the online version I felt very step by step since you follow the story one panel at a time, verses being able to see a big picture like the graphic novel. I came to the conclusion that I visually appeal more to the book because even though I may only be focused on one panel I get to see the whole story unfold.

The right number

The right number: perspective from online comic by Scott McCloud

One Shot One Beer by Larry Young and Charlie Adlard

One Shot One Beer by Larry Young and Charlie Adlard.  (This image shows an example of harsh weather in an action scene of them climbing a mountain) 

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