Graphic Novel Review: Eddie Abellar

Mimi and the Wolves by Alabaster

The graphic novel I am reviewing is called Mimi and the Wolves by Alabaster. In the graphic novel, the main character Mimi, is a cat. Her mate Bobo, is a dog. Almost all of the characters in this graphic novel are animals that can speak to each other, and perform daily activities as if they were humans. There is one character in the graphic novel that isn’t an animal. The character’s name is Venus and she is a goddess that appears in Mimi’s dreams. The lines and artistic style in this graphic novel make it clear to the reader that everything they see in the graphic novel is a fantasy. Also, the line quality gives the graphic novel a dark and gritty feel to it.

In the story, Mimi and her mate Bobo make garlands out of things they find in nature. The two of them also help out their friends, Ceres and Cato, at their farm. Mimi, Bobo, and their friends are struggling to make money because the farm is not doing well, and Mimi and Bobo haven’t sold any of their garlands. One night after the four had dinner together, Mimi had a dream. In her dream, she saw lots of weird things but one thing stood out to her most. A goddess named Venus appeared in Mimi’s dream, informing her about a symbol that might help her out with her problems. Mimi started adding the symbol to her garlands and hung them around the woods near where she lived. Two wolves, Ergot and Ivy, found the garlands and were able to connect with Mimi since they have both seen the symbol in their dreams as well. Mimi and the two wolves were brought together by Venus to acquire a special crystal located in a crystal cavern. The story is then continued by a second act in a separate graphic novel.

Bikram Addict by Eroyn Franklin

Personally, I feel that reading comics in a digital format improves the quality of the lines in the comics illustrations. Digital web comics also create new possibilities for the author to sequence their story.


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