Graphic Novel Review: Arron Borja

The title of the book-sized comic that I decided to use is “Shoplifter” by Michael Cho. This is a story about a woman living in a big city where she is trying to find her happiness. Cho has great examples of iconography. In one of the pages, the very bottom frames are framed together with different actions by the characters in each frame to help simulate time passing by, and message bubbles in the frames are carefully designed so that when she is thinking something in her head, it’s more of the rectangular shape as compared to when she’s talking, the corners are more rounded. I think that Cho used these shapes to give the reader clear understanding as to when the text is coming from the character verbally or from the character’s mind. I believe this is done by making it obvious that when it’s verbal communication, the character’s mouth is in movement and the more rounded edges is used.






In comparing digital comics to printed, I would say that I personally prefer digital. This might be surprising, but my reasoning behind it is that when the comic is digital, I will have access to it wherever and whenever, as long as I have my smartphone. As a plus, looking at the example, when the frames of the comic are as small as these, reading these comics on my phone would be very convenient. I could do the same with a printed book/comic, however that would add one more item to my everyday carry which I do not want. I like to walk around/travel as lightly as I can so that there is no unnecessary weight at my back. I only say that printed would be unnecessary for me because digital is available for me at my fingertips thanks to my cellphone.

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